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Chunri dressChunri dress style is suitable among all age gathering of women. This fashion style of chunri dresses have been gotten from the Pakistani Sindhi society and it is picked by the ladies for casual wear and also formal wear.
A portion of the ladies generally decision to set the chunri dresses for the mehndi functions. Long shirts are matched the whole time with the trousers and churidar night wear in which the example planning and styling is all situated to feel the touch in chunri dress. For the perusers we might want to dispense a portion of the delightful pictures of most recent patterns and style of Pakistani chunri dresses for ladies.

Chunri Shafoon Casual

Chunri dress or Chunri Dupatta is utilized to cover head and body and its an image of elegance among ladies. Chunri dresses are additionally popular because of its colors and style accessible in business. Chunri dresses are in vogue, easygoing and remarkable feeling of style.

Silk Chunri

Excellent color mix style of Silk Chunri dresses which will be utilized as a part of nearing winter season design. That is astonishing look when you see in print when one needs to worn. We have accessible in stock for prepared to shipment anyplace.

Chunri Dupatta

The essential utilization of dupatta in dress is to cover the head yet in present forms the dupatta is regularly hung in excess of one shoulder and significantly over simply arms. An alternate late pattern is the short scarf or a stole regularly worn with kurta in present urban manner and step by step dupatta has change its unique structure. The conventional cloak to the in vogue scraf the dupatta  now long way.

Chunri shafoon

The Muslim ladies take after principles of veiling theirChunri dress body and evade of open appearance. The dupatta adds elegance to the article of dress generally women’s wear with the match of their shalwar kameez or kurta in Pakistan. The dupatta/chaddar of the spouse is regularly vigorously make to embellish with invented expansion to adornment utilized all brilliant shades with wonderful dots mirror and embroidery work. This alluring embellishment gives diverse look and completing touch to this dress then western style.

Chunri Dress

Chunri dressThe Orhni or Odhni utilized as covering for the entire assortment of ladies it is a long material of different measuring two and half or three yards wrapped around the shoulder there are different models of wearing the unsown orhni or Chunri dress which is currently more mainstream known as dupatta or chaddar (in Pakistan) orhni odhni or chunri called by gujrati group of south asian ladies they worn over the out attacks of choli or ghaghra. Chunri dress has long been an image of humility in south Asian dress there are numerous style of Chunri dress dupatta/chunri wearing in local society like Gujarat Rajasthan and Punjab where they utilize diverse composition of silk cotton and chiffon and changes long and style of wearing as per the area and their society. 
The root of the chunri/dupatta/Chunri dress may be followed to the early progress of Indus bowl where the utilization of material, for example, Ajrak was very pervasive from the Indus human advancement dupatta spread over the Indian sub landmass particularly amid the guideline of the Muslim Munhall Emperor.


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